Areas of Practice

Family Law

Whether you need help with a custody dispute or a divorce petition, Scott & Partners offers individualized legal support that takes all relevant factors into account. We’ve dealt with numerous family law cases in Scottland, so you know you can trust us to work on your behalf.

Property Law

Simply said, property law refers to your house and other assets. Your house and way of life are impacted by property litigation, boundary line disputes, tax redemptions, titles, and purchase agreements, which is why you should seek our experienced attorneys’ guidance.

Criminal Law

Do you face criminal charges? Do you require the services of an accomplished criminal defense lawyer in Scottland? Call our company now. DUIs, drug charges, and many other kinds of misdemeanors and felonies are just a few of the criminal defense areas in which operate.

Civil Litigation

How can you defend your rights if you believe they have been violated or that you have been treated unfairly? What should you do if you get sued? How do you defend your persona or your company? We can help you get the answers to these crucial questions if you need to file a lawsuit or are being sued.

Expert Guidance

We’ll assist you in navigating the intricate legal process, handling every aspect and offering steadfast, individualized representation along the way.

Premium Service

You can count on us to give you top-notch legal service & representation.

Client Dedication

We're dedicated to helping you succeed no matter the legal scenario.

Legal Experience

You can rely on our team's vast legal experience in any matter.

Courtroom Experience

We handle all legal matters from paperwork to court representation.

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Family Law
Property Law
Criminal Law
Civil Litigation


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